Client: Klotho – Thread of Time (Alexandra Theohari)
Date: 10.01.2016 – 28.02.2016
Our role: Marketing Plan & Copywriting


KLOTHÓ – Thread of time

Brand introduction

Inspired by the traditional weaving art in Crete, KLOTHÓ creates unique and timeless items of superior quality that combine Cretan tradition and technique with patterns and colors aligned with contemporary trends and way of life.
Resort wear and accessories designed and made entirely in Greece, which revive and creatively redefine the local craft of Cretan artisans, creating high cultural value and supporting the local economy.

Based on the great tradition of the art of weaving, KLOTHÓ’s creations are characterized by clean-cut geometrical lines and minimal influences deeply rooted in the simplicity of classical Greece. KLOTHÓ creates items with a designation of origin and timeless value, for modern women who appreciate tradition and love simplicity.
The rich collection of KLOTHÓ consists of light resort wear in white color, chic accessories and objects with unique patterns and decorative elements in unexpected and original combinations of colors, based on historical motifs and designs of Crete.
Clothes made from pure cotton by experienced Cretan weavers, are combined with superior quality fabrics and leather details from local tanneries, to create pieces that carry memories of summer, Greek sun and Cretan tradition.
Offering high quality at affordable prices, KLOTHÓ’s collection is addressed to those who love greek style and to visitors looking for a unique greek item to take back home, but also to Greek women who want to indulge in a summery style regardless where they are. Each piece is unique and is available in a limited number of copies upon request, since their production is intricate and demanding.

Alexandra Theohari, the creator of KLOTHÓ, named her brand after the first of the three Fates (the Moirai or Moerae), who according to the ancient Greek Mythology, “spun the thread of life” and symbolizes the Present. Guided by her personal memories and a strong love for tradition and creativity, Alexandra envisioned her own Klotho, a brand that brings Cretan hand-woven textiles to the present, reviving a declining technique through new creations.



More information:

KLOTHÓ – Thread of time

Alexandra Theohari – Creative Director

58 Stamathioudaki Str.
74131, Rethynmno, Crete
+30 6974158270

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