Client: Green Project
Date: 06-07 /2014
Our role: PR & Communication Management / Event Organizing

Green Project

The non-profit organization Green Project (GP), was founded in 2008 by a voluntary initiative of active citizens, inspired by UNESCO’s World Solar Program 1996 – 2005. Its aim is the awakening of social consciousness through environmental photography emphasizing individual view points, and is open to anyone. GP organizes green photographic expeditions throughout the world, pursuing the promotion of education on energy, cross cultural communication, the handling of energy poverty as well as the promotion of mutual environmental concerns.

Up to the present, GP has realized three expeditions: in Asia, in Africa and in Europe. 31 active citizens, members of GP, have traveled a total of 45.380 km and 809 sea miles, in 36 countries, using 6 cars.

Join Green Project in their new green photographic expedition in South America, “Bogota – Land of fire, From Geodiversity to Biodiversity”.

The project will be launched at an event  taking place on Tuesday 15th of July 2014 at 12:00 at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, on 206 Pireos st. On this event, the new expedition’s imminent expedition in South America will be presented, operating under the auspices of the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO, inaugurating the moving environmental photo exhibition: “2nd Green Project Moving Photo Exhibition: Greek New Talent”, supervised by Mrs Nina Kassianou.

The exhibition will be presented in special events organized in the capital cities of the countries visited, in collaboration with the local UNESCO National Commissions. The photographs involve the environment in its broader sense (urban and natural) and are characterized by the fresh new look of new Greek photographers that believe in the power of photography to change the world.


The green photographic expeditions of GP have been under the auspices of the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO, the Goulandris Museum of Natural History, the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climatic Change, the Ministry of Culture,  the Region of Crete, the Municipality of Athens, the Athens Tourist and Economic Development Association, the Hellenic Tourist Enterprises Association (ΣΕΤΕ) and Site Greece. It is supported by the European Parliament Office in Athens , the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNEP, and ActionAid.

GP has participated in international art festivals and scientific conferences in Beijing (Anni ArtGallery, 798 ArtZone), in Shanghai (InternationalPhotographicFestivalCentre), in London (RoyalGardenHotel), in Paris (CentredelImageEnvironnementale), in Athens ( National Museum of Contemporary Art), in Thessaloniki (Museum of Photography) and in Crete (Iraklion Natural History Museum).Its photographic production has been  awarded the “First Prize” at the “International Photo Competition 2014” of the “Energy Community of the European Union” in Vienna,the “Official Selection” of the “International Photographic Festival 2012” in Shanghai, the “Grand Prize for International Participation” of the “Festival de l’ Image Environnementale 2010” in Paris, and the “Third Prize” for “Clean Development Mechanism” of  the “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 2012” in Cancun.

Previous Expeditions

2008 – Green Project in Asia: Athens – Beijing, from silk roads to energy routes (European Year on Cross Cultural Dialogue and organizing year of the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing). A10-member expedition, covering 13.000 km, in 33 days, through 8 countries (Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan,Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakstan and China), visiting 34 green points of interest, with25 interviews, 30.000 photographs, 40 hours of video and 8 lectures.

2010 – Green project in Africa: Athens – Cape Town, from waterways to energy routes (International Year of Biodiversity and organizing of the 19th FIFA World Cup in South Africa). A 21-member group covering, 17.500 km, 400 sea miles, in 55 days, through 12 countries (Greece, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa), visiting65 green points of interest, with 30 interviews, 60.000 photographs, 50 hours of FHD video recording,  a donation of 40 small renewable energy sources, a collection of  20 water samples and 12 lectures.

2012 – Green project in Europe: Athens – North Cape, along the European north – south energy axis (Organizing year of the 29th Olympic Games in London). A 11-member expedition,covering 14.880 km and 409 sea miles, in 38 days, through 19 countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, Ukraine, Russia, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Letonia, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy), visiting 61 green points of interest, with 35 interviews, 40 hours of recorded video, 50.000 photographs, 89 points for air -quality measurements, 14 presentations of the 2012 moving environmental photographic exhibition and 14 lectures.




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