Client: Fashion Revolution Greece
Date: 20.07.2017 – 20.11.2017
Our role: Event Management & Communication


On the 19th & 20th of November, Fashion Revolution Greece and SoFe (EU Erasmus Plus) organised “Global Fashion Disruptors”, a big celebration of sustainable fashion in Agora of Kypseli, Athens.

On Sunday, November 19 from 11:00 until the evening, Agora of Kypseli was filled with people of all ages who attended the different activities.

Discussion Panels & Exhibition

The audience had the chance to see experts and academics sharing their knowledge on the vast innovations of sustainable textiles that exist today, sustainable dying, recycling and up-cycling, on distraction to the lives of animals and the environment, on how to manage supply chains and choose suppliers.
Experts, professionals and NGO representatives shared their stories with the audience and discussed ways of action in the fields of Social Inclusion, promotion of Human Rights & elimination of forced labor in the fashion industry.

In the first panel discussion entitled “Environmental sustainability, textiles and supply chains” Dr. Pelagia Glampedaki, Head of Research and Development – SOFFA, discussed with: Argyro Kasoti – Young Global Advocate Fair Trade Hellas, Philip Iosifidis – Managing Partner Europe Iota Omega Ventures Pte Ltd, Vasilis Raikopoulos – Industrial weaver, Founder of Φoutà, Eleana Touloupaki – “HEALTHY SEAS” Officer & George Papaspyrou – Communications Manager, MEDASSET, Evangelos Dimitrakopoulos – Textiles Engineer, Thanos Kontargyris – TCBL Greece, Tania Galanis.

Continuing, Leisha Beardmore, senior WPE manager, International Rescue Commitee welcomed Dr. Mischa E. Thompson – Policy Advisor US Congress Helsinki Commission, Yolanda Androutsou – Field Officer Caritas Hellas, Silvia Giulini – Αdvocacy Officer Generation 2.0 RED, Kalli Mytilinaios – A21 Victim Identification Specialist, Dimitris Raftopoulos – Knowledge Alchemist, Konstantinos Machairas – Executive Director Organization Earth, Sophie Lambrou – Co Founder Impact Hub Athens, Dr Marianti Stavridou and Sofia Pappa – Employee Myrtillo Café, in a discussion about “Social Inclusion, Human Rights and forced labor in the fashion industry”.

In the last panel discussion, the journalist Efi Falida examined new role of Fashion in a discussion with: Orsola De Castro, Fashion Revolution Founder & Creative Director, Dr Fiori A Zafeiropoulou – Country Coordinator Fashion Revolution Greece & Founder SOFFA – Zita Sneakers The Rebirth, Lila de Chavez – Ethnologist, specialised in Textiles Jewelry & Costumes, President of Heritage & Museums [H&M], Valentina Sokratous – Ethnological Museum of Thrace – Aggeliki Giannakidou, Lee Rammelt – Founder AER LIBER, Svenja Bickert – Founder Solostücke, Matthieu Calvel – Fashion Designer & Pauline Georget – Marketing & Communication Manager, Emmaüs Alternatives, Takis Lympereas – TCBL Greece, Maria Vitinidou – CEO AthensFashionClub/The Fashion Gate.

The same space hosted the exhibitions of refugee artists within the context of the Refugee Artist Challenge and a Costumes exhibition by Ioanna Kourbela, Medasset and AthensFashionClub made from recycled threads.

Open Market & Workshops

In parallel, visitors had the opportunity to exchange clothes at the Swap Bazaar, recycle their textiles at the recycling point, watch films and documentaries on Sustainable and Ethical Fashion and participate in one of the Workshops for fashion enthusiasts of all ages.
The workshops were carried out by: Natasha Stergiadi, Philip Iosifidis, Kelly Koulizou, John Pitsakis [3Quarters], Matthieu Calvel, Diti Kotecha [Théla], Maria Giannakopoulou and Christianna Vasileiadou.

In the main hall of Agora Kypselis, visitors could visit the all day Pop-Up market with creations by: 3QUARTERS, Alexandra Apsokardou, Allowme, Bagism, Ethnological Museum of Thrace, Fabric Republic, Give Thanks, heladoderretido, Debbie Tzima, Despotnia, Kostandi, Margarita Maritsa, maxumarta, MIK , Oinofyta Wares, SOFFA, Tailor’s Art Handmade, Théla, Foutà and Food Market with ethnic and vegan bites by: Bread and Roses, Options Food Lab, Hymopeeo(Χυμοποιείο), Crystal Fairytale events, Myrtillo Cafe, Plant Kingdom.

Award Ceremony and closing party

The peak point of the day was the screening of the short film “One Over Many” by Daphne Bengoa based on the story of SOFFA. The screening was followd by the Global Fashion Disruptors Award Ceremony, where the three international Global Fashion Disruptors Svenja Bickert – Solostücke, Lee Rammelt – AER LIBER, Emmaüs Alternatives Paris were awarded by Orsola de Castro- Fashion Revolution Founder and Creative Director, George Ioannou- International MBA Professor and Ms. Rania Antonopoulou – Deputy Minister for Labor, Social Insurance and Social Solidarity.

The party continued with a Dj set by Black Athena until late in the evening.

On Monday November 20th, a series of seminars and lectures on the best practices of our international guests, as well as a discussion on the strategy, goals and structure of Fashion Revolution Greece, will take place at the Athens University of Economics & Business, ACEin.



















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