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Date: January 2015 –

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Elias Kulukundis books

Grandson of two Kasiot sea captains, Elias Kulukundis was born in London in 1937. Three years later his family moved to

America and he grew up in Rye, New York. Educated at Phillips Exeter and Harvard, he became a versatile linguist as well as a writer. As a multifarious personality, Elias has searched the most interesting aspects of being a human in the modern society. He has published three books so far, The Feasts of MemoryThe Amorgos Conspiracy , also translated in Greek, and First Passage- Navigating the Straits between Greece and America, and has translated Viktor Nekrasov’s Both Sides of the Ocean from the Russian.

The Amorgos Conspiracy is the true story of how Elias Kulukundis himself organized the escape of his father-in law and political prisoner from the colonels’ dictatorship of the 1960’s George Mylonas, from the island of Amorgos. This story is also presented through the short documentary “The Amorgos Conspiracy: A true story of escape from the military junta”, directed by the video-journalist Nikolia Apostolou. The mini doc is written and produced by Elias Kulukundis and it is based on the book under the same name.

The Amorgos Conspiracy doc

Having created documentaries about politics and history, Elias is considered one of the cultural ambassadors of Greece among the other countries.


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