window to skylight / photo by ©Dimitris Athinakis, 2014

window to skylight / photo by ©Dimitris Athinakis, 2014

In the following sub-pages, you may find several photo and text documentation concerning the building our company, medianeras, in hosted. It is a building of historical and architectural interest that identifies the whole area, Hafteia, Omonoia sq. and the limits of Exarchia neighborhood. Panepistimiou 64 building has been a hub of various professionals and artists, whereas its architecture is considered as an urban highlight of Athens downtown.

Nowadays, Panepistimiou 64 building is a much less busy hive or centre of attraction, however there are still some offices occupied by different kinds of entrepreneurs. Medianeras decided to start its artistic services and business here, so as to revive the building’s precedented shine and give birth to some new ways of using its facilities and atmosphere.

Therefore, medianeras would like to reserve both the tradition and the history of the place, along with planning the building’s future, in order to grab the attention it deserves.

Here, you can find some text documentation.
And here some photos of the place.

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