25 February

Our very own Georgia Voudouri on Brick-Cladding as Performance

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The language used in each of the two cases described is apparently different, since in the first we are talking about construction, material properties and design parameters, and in the second it is all about dramaturgy, choreography and symbolism. If we were to forget, though, for a moment the disciplinary realms in which these actor-based […]

25 February

Medianeras on Behance or How Thanos Gionis worked graphic miracles for our team!

Creating the logo for medianeras “Medianeras is a creative team standing in the sloppy interval between disciplines, ready to offer you overall art and cultural management solutions tailor made for you! They believe that if a strong concept is what gets everything going, constant and precise curation is necessary for a consistent and successful outcome; and once each project is set […]

3 February

Our very own Dimitris Athinakis on OZON magazine

Dimitris Athinakis writes.He works as a translator and copywriter, as well as a conceptionist in the field of online marketing, while also having already published two poetry collections. His words are ones we use every day and tap directly into the mind and soul of modern youth. Short stories that carry with them the scent […]

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