We are here to give you unique concepts, concrete narrations that express your personal vision and set the path for your entire actions, since our conceptual artistic, digital and technical services ensure our efficiency. Being responsible for the early phases of a new project, we understand your needs (goals, market area, digital challenges and future requirements) while defining solutions on a conceptual and applied level.


Curating is a word that carries various meanings. For medianeras, to curate means to connect art to its audiences, to initiate a chain of artistic discussion that grounds upon interdisciplinary professionals. We bring forward art and cultural practices to make both ideas and various kinds of products available to their respective audiences, through exhibitions, publications, talks, website, forums, and other events.


Developing a communication campaign is the meeting point of strategic thinking and dynamic, creative solutions. We show you how you tell your story in an inspiring way, while integrating messaging into the particularities and special demands of every communication channel. Medianeras helps your artistic expression carry the notions and ideas corresponding to the suitable contexts, and connect it with institutions, funders, collectors, dealers, other curators, and -of course- the public. Ultimately, we are here to make your work become known.

  • Events Organization (concept & management, creative direction, space concepts): music events & festivals, art events & exhibitions, conferences, workshops, seminars
  • Art exhibition curation
  • Exhibition stands/pavilions/kiosks
  • Digital fabrication consultancy
  • Customized furniture
  • Publication curation & editing
  • Artistic portfolio curation & editing
  • Copywriting & translation services
  • Social media management & concepts
  • Digital campaigns (blog posts, PR article submission, newsletter, email campaigns, media/press representation material)

The next time you want to “do sth” but don’t know how, just give us a call!

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