We are a creative team standing in the sloppy interval between disciplines, ready to offer you overall art and cultural management solutions tailor made for you!

We believe that if a strong concept is what gets everything going, constant and precise curation is necessary for a consistent and successful outcome; and once each project is set up, one needs to let others know, engaging the right means of communication.

Whether you are a creative professional or company seeking for consultancy to launch your products/services and establish your presence, or just organizing an one-off event, we can cover all the steps from A to Z. If your vision needs to be laid out in space [physical, printed, digital] we will create it.

And of course we are not alone! We work with a wide network of carefully selected professionals who will form your own reliable think tank and make your ideas come true.In this world where everyone is just 6 handshakes away, we can assure you that who you are looking for is right behind this wall!

[ Who we are ]

[ What we do ]


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