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We are here to give you unique concepts, concrete narrations that express your personal vision and set the path for your entire actions, since our conceptual artistic, digital and technical services ensure our efficiency. Being responsible for the early phases of a new project, we understand your needs (goals, market area, digital challenges and future […]


Curating is a word that carries various meanings. For medianeras, to curate means to connect art to its audiences, to initiate a chain of artistic discussion that grounds upon interdisciplinary professionals. We bring forward art and cultural practices to make both ideas and various kinds of products available to their respective audiences, through exhibitions, publications, […]


Developing a communication campaign is the meeting point of strategic thinking and dynamic, creative solutions. We show you how you tell your story in an inspiring way, while integrating messaging into the particularities and special demands of every communication channel. Medianeras helps your artistic expression carry the notions and ideas corresponding to the suitable contexts, […]

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4 August

Ηλίας Κουλουκουντής – “Απρόσιτες Ακτές- Η ζωή μου σε μια ελληνική εφοπλιστική οικογένεια”

Το νέο βιβλίο του Ηλία Κουλουκουντή  “Απρόσιτες Ακτές- Η ζωή μου σε μια ελληνική εφοπλιστική οικογένεια” κυκλοφορεί τον Σεπτέμβριο απο τις εκδόσεις Ποταμός  Το νέο βιβλίο του Ηλία Κουλουκουντή  “Απρόσιτες Ακτές- Η ζωή μου σε μια ελληνική εφοπλιστική οικογένεια” κυκλοφορεί τον Σεπτέμβριο απο τις εκδόσεις Ποταμός. Στο πρώτο βιβλίο του ” The Feasts of Memory […]

6 July

Ανακοίνωση: Κλειστό το έργο της Δανάης Στράτου για μερικές ημέρες

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(scroll down for english) Με ιδιαίτερη επιτυχία πραγματοποιήθηκαν την Παρασκευή 9 Ιουνίου τα εγκαίνια του έργου της Δανάης Στράτου Πάνω στη Γη Κάτω από τα Σύννεφα, στο Παλαιό Ελαιουργείο Ελευσίνας, στο πλαίσιο του Φεστιβάλ Αισχύλεια 2017 σε συνδιοργάνωση με την Ελευσίνα 2021 Πολιτιστική Πρωτεύουσα της Ευρώπης. Το έργο, που αποτελεί και την έναρξη του φεστιβάλ […]

5 July

Learning from Athens: The rise of bottom-up initiatives in the time of crisis

Medianeras, had an interesting discussion with the architect Marialena Kasimidi regarding the building of Panepistimiou 64, new habitation models in the center of Athens and the ways bottom-up initiatives are re-shaping the city, in the context of an article for the online magazine of the Architectural Association of Boznia and Herzegovina.   “When in 2012 […]

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  • Urban Transcripts was born of a desire to create a new ‘tool’ through which to explore the city as a complex phenomenon, in a participatory and cross-disciplinary way. It was initiated in 2010 as an annual programme of events such as exhibitions, conferences, and workshops, focused on, and hosted in, a different city every year.


  • Rooms to art
    Rooms to Art was a 3-day residency in a space dedicated to collaborative creative work, located in the 7th floor of an old office building in the very center of Athens (64, Panepistimiou str.). Its function allowed artists and creative professionals to realize their ideas at the same time as connecting the architectural and cultural history of the center of Athens to contemporary artistic creation.https://vimeo.com/52754603
    - Rooms to art
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